Blitz: an update

Before anything else, I acknowledge the apparent delay in my entry on Control (featuring Ian Curtis of Joy Division). My sincere apologies. I will have to put it off until further notice. Since academic life has resumed, priorities have been switched at the call of occasion. As of late, school occupies the top spot. However, this has not held me back from attending musical events. I saw Tatlo (“Three” in English), the last of a series consisting of performances by three Asian choral groups: Japan’s Gaia Philharmonic Choir (led by Ko Matsushita), Singapore’s SYC Ensemble Singers (led by Jennifer Tham), and our very own Ateneo Chamber Singers (led by Jonathan Velasco). It was held at the Cultural Center of the Philippines last night. Notable and familiar faces alike filled the seats. Composer Manoling Francisco and Philippine President Benigno Aquino III were two of such faces. The event reminded me of the old days when royalty, nobility and fellow artists would come together for an evening to witness something cultural, emotional and spiritual at the same time. I’m still considering whether I should write the full entry on this first or on Control. Sit tight for further updates.


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