White Lies – Ritual



This just came in from Australia. Before anything else, I must say that White Lies is one band I respect and admire–a favorite of favorites, in fact. Though several may disagree, I found To Lose My Life close to perfect. The deep vocals and rich poetry (note the italics), the vivid imagery and storytelling, masterful production and arrangement forged a believer in me. These guys know how to fashion and flaunt an affective experience. Haunting, torment, blood, and conflict have etched out the band’s business–to which I guiltlessly subscribe.

I’m still undecided on whether or not to write this a review, with my apparent bias in consideration. I confess that I am hotly tempted to write about anything that has to do with this. In any case, I’ll be paying close attention.

Ritual is yet an unopened book with Bigger Than Us as my blurb. Suspension of disbelief, I must ask you this: Where will I find myself, once the music from this record fills my head? Another fairground? On chapel steps? By a windowsill, perhaps? I want the answers.


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