All My Loving: The Beatles (1964)

The Beatles and Ed Sullivan

I think about rock music history, scour through the bands and albums in my head and when it comes to The Beatles, they were just something else. They weren’t just hit makers and showmen. They had their wardrobe, act and charm down. I was watching their first-ever performance on The Ed Sullivan Show and boy, did they rock it. The girls went insane, naturally.

I’ve made it a point to listen to each of their albums for about a week or two to have their tunes embedded in my memory. Plus, it goes without saying that I’ll learn lots about songwriting and music in general. How they came up with such a stunning number of records–each a wonder–still intrigues me. I’m currently listening to The Magical Mystery Tour, which I fondly call the “Penny Lane” or the “Walrus” album. I look forward to hearing the rest. I’d like to take that course on The Beatles, too.

View a montage of their performances on their first appearance on the show here.


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