A Musical Weekend: Albums – 4, The Beatles Biography – 1

It’s been ages since I last visited a commercial establishment. On Saturday, I went out with my family to dine and got myself some records. Upon ascending to the records floor, my eyes immediately fell prey to the closest shelf, which oddly, had Julian Casablanca’s Phrazes for the Young on it. I’ve long been in search for The Strokes records, and by far, that has been the closest as I could get, after obtaining Is This It. I came by a slew of Bowie and Blondie records (always have been during my past visits) and I was close to taking Bowie’s Aladdinsane (I discovered the existence of this album when I saw it in the film Closer). I decided to put it off for my next visits. I made my way to the pre-owned shelves and thankfully, found VU‘s record still there (I failed to get it the last time and hoped nobody would take it). After grabbing it, I decided to look around and serendipitously lay eyes on a CD whose cover art struck me as familiar. Turns out, I was looking at My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless–something I’ve long doubted I’d ever see in my life. On Sunday, I decided to get the 2009 record of The Pains of Being Pure at Heart and Spitz’s biography of The Beatles–both of which were the last copies, I think. I’ve made up my mind to get my own copies of each Beatles album in the coming months.



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