Like a Virgin Wasting Light: Madonna and Foo Fighters

Yes. I still buy actual, physical records. I got Foo Fighters’ Wasting Light because they have been one of the most consistent bands I’ve encountered. Plus, it’s been produced by Butch Vig (Nevermind) and Alan Moulder (To Lose My Life). I came by Like a Virgin by chance and got it because it’s a piece of musical history. I love the 80’s. I almost got into an argument with someone because he told me buying CDs is a waste of money – that I could’ve just downloaded, expense-free. I get his point, of course. But I couldn’t bring myself to just agree with that, having my own set of reasons, like:

1. I show sympathy for the artists – by buying their records. Not all, of course, just the ones I really like or just feel I must own.

2. Were I to have an album, I’d want people to support me by buying records.

3. The other usual reasons. They’re all over the Internet.

But admittedly, the record industry is dying. The CD model is done for. The rules of the game have drastically changed. Thom Yorke has warned the new generation of artists to avoid signing with major record labels, likening them to sinking ships. This is rather worrisome and exciting at the same time. The wake of labels is a threshold to a universe of possibilities.

Regardless, I am aware of the mammoth possibility that CD production will cease and that CDs will be extinct. Eventually, they will be relics – priceless, rare and sought-after. I foresee that I will very much be a part of the niche collecting them. Vinyls, too. Anyway, I’m curious about how things will play out. Let’s see what happens.


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