First Day High

Call it the senior’s charm. Whatever it is, I’m glad to say that today wasn’t bad for a first day. It was bit of a shaky morning, but the day blew by smoothly. I think I just met one of the coolest teachers in my college life, ever – plus, it’s a writing class. So it sort of inspired me to update this blog more often. The objective of this course is to write reviews – to write about culture as product. Without a doubt, I am excited. Our first-ever requirement is to write a review about a movie now showing in cinemas. I took advantage of this early load-free day (I should find a name for it) to hit the mall and go see a movie already. I saw Super 8 and it crowned my Monday. In a nutshell, it was refreshing. Written and directed by JJ Abrams and produced by Steven Spielberg, the film boasts of a charming and believable (to say the least) performance of a rather young cast. The story is a plus for me because (1) it’s science fiction (2) there are “zombies” in it and most importantly, (3) it was set in the 70’s, nodding to The Knack, ABBA, Blondie, the portable cassette player. I have no regrets choosing to see this over The Hangover 2, although I just might decide to see it as well later on.

I know days and nights like this will be a rare privilege in the coming months, but regardless of how sparse such a night may be, I know I’ve something to look forward to.


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