T.G.I.F. with Demetri Martin

When speaking of trips, it’s commonly said that neither the origin nor destination matters. What matters most is the journey – the getting-there. For this occasion and entry, I agree. Friday night is a toast to the hedonists in all of us – and for our hedonistic pursuits, my friends and I decided to go see a movie. So we saw the much puffed-up Green Lantern (aka Linterna Verde, just because). I’m by no means a movie critic, but it doesn’t take one to say that despite the mind-blowing special effects and bombastic score (look up James Newton Howard), I found the plot a bit rushed. However, after considering all the magnificent visuals, fight scenes and cast (hello, Blake Lively), I deduce that the entire shebang simply serves to please the pedestrian moviegoer. Yes, I would classify myself as one.

Although that was a blast, it doesn’t matter as much as the experience of heading to the mall for the film.

I have often been described by the people who know me (or hardly know me) as corny, silly and insane – weird, even (or should I say “especially”). I love having a good laugh, even if at times, I find myself fighting off the urge to laugh at my own jokes. Weird, I know. This being said, it’s no surprise that I love comedy. I may not be as knowledgeable of the industry as I am of music, but I do have some heroes of my own.

One of them is Demetri Martin.

It’s fascinating, the wonders a car stereo, auxiliary jack, and iPod can do. As I sifted through my friend’s list of artists, I came across the above name and immediately, my eyes widened. It had been ages since I last saw a YouTube video of the man doing bits of his show. My stomach would hurt after I’d laugh at his witty lines and deadpan delivery. He’s partly responsible for my noticing and taking cracks at the most minute things in life. The name of his album is These are Jokes. Indeed, they are. It’s a collection of his stand-up stints which are a variety show in their own right. There are standard joke segments and jokes-with-music segments (he plays guitar as he delivers). The album even presents his own brand of singer-songwriter (check out “Sames and Opposites”). What makes him a memorable comedian is his quirky way of taking in reality and the world. Besides picking on the usual social situations (awkward or not), he nerds up by dissecting sentences, words and lines that people take for granted. For instance:

You can say “I love kids” as a general statement. That’s fine. It’s when you get specific that you get into trouble.

“I love twelve-year-olds.”

What’s interesting is that even if I’ve heard the album before, it still cracks me up to hear it again. This is why Demetri Martin still stands as my comedic hero. Because his jokes are constructed so sharply, they stand the test of time. Underrated or not, his stuff is classic. I have him to thank for the chuckles my friends and I shared on the way to see a movie about green and yellow energy. If you enjoy non-slapstick, non-vulgar intellectual humor, listen to the man. You will laugh.

Some Demetri Martin videos:

Visit demetrimartin.com.


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