The Walking Dead S02, Where are You?

I was on the way home when I heard this radio station plug a show that’s got something to do with zombies. I wasn’t paying much attention, but I think one of these days, the station will be playing a string of rock tracks “inspired” by surviving the living dead. I vaguely remember the voice over making references to the “Rules” from the film, Zombieland (Cardio, double-tap, etc). Anyway, I could care less about the program because I hardly listen to the radio nowadays. I’m in it for the zombies, though. I was back-tracking through The Strokes’ Room on Fire when I spontaneously recalled my impatience for the second season of Frank Darabont’s The Walking Dead. Was it the lo-fi quality of the record that ticked the ghoul-fan part of my brain? Not likely. Could it be that the lines “Give ’em some time / They just need a little time” made me remember? Maybe. I remember “building” myself up for the opening of the first season by watching the British mini-series Dead Set. I’ve seen running zombies prior to this, but it was a shocker. Right now, I’ve yet to find something to fill the gap and condition myself for the next season. I could watch the first season again, but that’d be too soon. I’ll look through my stock of George Romero, or read some Brooks. Whatever. Anything to pass the time. October is still so far away.


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