Getting to Know You: Iggy Pop

Because I’d been secretly hounding myself over my ignorance of Iggy Pop, I’ve decided it was about time I paid him due attention. He’d been stuck in the periphery, gaining mentions in the music books (eg. Heavier Than Heaven) and magazines (Mojo’s May 2011 issue) I’ve read. He’s an influence of Nirvana and the Ramones. He was part of The Stooges. He’s worked with David Bowie. How could I not know him? How dare I? I was at a book store two weeks ago and incidentally picked up Paul Trynka’s Iggy: Open Up and Bleed, which was on hardcover. I drooled at the idea of the book but decided to put off the purchase until I knew more about the man. I’ve got my ears on The Idiot as I type. By far, the experience of the record has been like an after-party mascara smudge: dusky and grimy. It’s an apt precursor to punk and grunge. Plus goth and shoegaze. I can now tell where the The Horrors sound comes from. (Listen to Pop’s Mass Production and The Horrors’ I Only Think of You.) Also, my iPod playlist has The Kills’ Now Wow right after The Idiot, so I’m expecting a smooth transition.

PS. It was a smooth transition. And I see his likeness in Anthony Kiedis.


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