Off the Shelf: Never the Strangers – Hold On (demo)

Here’s a “junked” NTS demo shelved up in my iTunes. I wrote it and we recorded it two years ago in PJ’s house with his Mac. The lack of decent equipment explains the lo-fi quality of the recording. During the time, I was listening to lots of Muse – which explains the epic bridge segment (my favorite part). I figured it’d make more sense to share it than to just keep it idling in my library.

Earphones out! Enjoy!

“Hold On”

There alone, in the bleak, shadowed corner
Sits your soul; broken, bruised, but breathing.
A parade of liars wrecks your whole town,
Don’t you let your heart fall to the ground.

Leave all your fears behind;
there’s more that lies inside.
Take up your arms;
You’ll never know if you never try.

Hold on, it isn’t over
this final battle depends on you:
Another breath, another fight,
another go.

Don’t let it fade away.

Don’t you think it’s about time you stood up?
Against the world, you are not the only one
who can make a difference if you choose
to brave the storm, you’ll never lose.

You must fight for that light inside.
Break away from the ghosts that haunt you,
Break away from the lies that bind you.

You must fight.

– – – – –
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