Fela Kuti Keeps the Rain Away

Despite having spent the day awaiting the almost-inevitable suspension of classes, this storm hasn’t quite rained on my parade just yet. Sure, I got my beloved chucks and sweater soaked but thanks to a stranger’s compassion and umbrella, I managed to keep the rest of myself dry. I’ve always preferred a drizzle to a sizzle but when the signal shoots up and gloom hangs over, I turn to music to remind myself of good old sunshine. Today, I turned to Fela Kuti.

Fela’s afrobeat is intoxicating. Expensive Shit and Zombie are arguably two of the sexiest records ever made. The rhythm sections hold a certain motion that the ears will never shy from. Vocals come late into the recordings, but there’s nothing to complain about. The saxophones and trumpets will guide you to the rendezvous.

Films in the 70’s like George Romero’s “Dawn of the Dead” have soundtracks reminiscent of his music. It wouldn’t be surprising if score arrangers Goblin were influenced by Fela’s sound. Anyone who intends to delve into world music should begin with Fela Kuti. To this day, his legacy stays and I’m glad it has. It helps me get through rainy days like this one.


1. Expensive Shit – Fela Kuti
2. Zombi – Goblin


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