Late Nights at Tracks Studio

I’ve been spending my weeknights out late for almost a month now. When I was a freshman, I was out spending it dating, to the consternation of my parents. (But seriously, going home at 8PM isn’t late at all.) Now, I’m spending my nights in a place called Tracks Studio(s) in Brgy. San Antonio (Pasig), recording with my band, Never the Strangers. Overall, despite how lengthy or tedious the sessions get, we manage to get by. The wi-fi and conversations keep us sane, and the (almost) pressure-free environment makes for easier takes. A few more weeks of this and hopefully, we meet our reward in the end. Special thanks to Monty Macalino for his insights, suggestions and humor. Also to Angee Rozul for his patience… and humor. Looking forward to the next sessions.


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