25 Years Old: Aliens

My latent obsession with the wrinkles and gaps in the walls of science has compelled me to view a little more than a handful of sci-fi films. I’ve seen some stuff from as early as the 30’s and 50’s (“The Invisible Man,” “Earth Versus Flying Saucers”) but some of my favorites emerged in the 70’s and 80’s. Yes, I am referring to James Camerons’ “Alien” and its sequel, “Aliens.”

“Aliens” turned 25 this month. I would like to acknowledge this before July ends.

Retro films hardly scare me. But with those two movies, I was freaked out like mad. I thank my pillow for ever being my viewing companion. I give credit to Jerry Goldsmith and James Horner for the hair-raising scores.

Links (IMDB):
1. The Invisible Man
2. Earth Versus Flying Saucers
3. Alien
4. Aliens


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