That Shield: Captain America

I’m an acutely less-than-average Marvel consumer. I don’t read comics, though I used to catch the “Spider-Man” strips on the daily paper as a kid. I’ve played “Marvel vs. Capcom” on PlayStation. I’ve always anticipated the X-Men films, though quite sinfully, I haven’t seen “X-Men: First Class.” Prior to watching “Captain America: The First Avenger,” I only knew about the superhero by his appearances on television and games.

It was fun while it lasted. It’s a typical well-made superhero action film, with a clear-cut distinction of who’s good and evil. Steve Roger’s (Chris Evans) the little guy with a golden heart, and because of that, he becomes the chosen one. As for Red Skull (Hugo Weaving), well he wants to surpass Hitler so… No, he isn’t one bit notorious.

Production’s a masterpiece. If you wanna see nice things, submit to your eyes’ desire and watch. There isn’t much of a story though, since its romantic themes of courage and compassion have been done and overdone. The film does nothing to repackage and deliver its message innovatively. If you’re after plot twists and all that, I suggest you avoid it because all this film does is loyally fulfill expectations. Great but forgettable.

Perhaps the only thing I’m taking with me from the movie is Captain America’s shield. It’s so damn pretty.


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