Singing in the Rain: A Drizzly Day Guide

I’m a senior in college. This post isn’t entirely for my sake but for the benefit of the younger ones who’ll be experiencing the suspension of classes in the future, regardless of how early or late the announcement is made. I write with a tinge of regret – I should’ve done this earlier – and excitement because nothing beats a cool, chill day. Here’s a guide to your drizzly day in 8 steps.

1. Facebook: tune in, then tune out

This takes a lot of self-control, believe me. When it begins to pour on a Sunday evening, sure, get on Facebook and/or Twitter. Chances are, the rest of the world is also online, eyes peeled for any announcements regarding the suspension of classes. Make sure to find the information from credible sources to avoid hearsay and confusion. Next, assuming that classes have officially been cancelled, tune out of Facebook. Drop it like a hot potato or suffer the consequences of this monumental time black hole.

2. Study

I kid you not. As you find that your weekends have been extended by a day or two, all will eventually boil down to pressure as your teachers cram whatever lessons or work needs to be done by the time the semester ends. A bit of initiative always goes a long way.

3. Make a rainy day playlist

Who doesn’t make one nowadays? There just has to be a soundtrack that perfectly matches the mood of the day. I prefer music I can groove to while working or writing. This means I’m setting aside Black Sabbath for another day. Some Fela Kuti or Ramones would be nice. Really, it depends on what you feel like doing. Have fun.

4. Read

Now’s your chance to date with Murakami and Safran-Foer, after the forced company of Kant or Chekhov. It’s mandatory that you invade your couch, especially if it’s beside a window. Let the breeze in and revel in the quiet company.

5. Marathon

We’ve all experienced some form of backlog from missing episodes of Community, 30 Rock or Game of Thrones. Time to catch up. Grab a pack of Cheetos and get comfortable. Makes sure you take breaks between seasons at the very least. Also, it’s always fun to have someone to watch and munch with so why not call some friends over?

6. Sleep in

Bruno Mars and Jason Mraz have got it right. Particularly when the power goes out and there’s nothing useful to do, snoozing it out under the sheets is the activity for you. In this busy world, sleep has become a luxury. Take advantage of it. Besides, the name “bed weather” exists for a reason.

7. Play Left4Dead

Okay, the L4D bit is just me. School-free stay-home days are not only ruled by housewives, but by gamers too. Put that 360 or PS3 to good use. Just mind your gameplay hours. Believe it or not, somebody actually died of playing his XBox for too long. (Read about it here.) Remember: everything in moderation

8. Pray the rain stops

Ultimately, this is for the benefit of everybody. Though the rain is a comfort for some, it could spell disaster for other people. It’s pleasant to have a drizzle at times, but never a series of ravaging storms. Always look forward to sunshine.


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