Nirvana – Rape Me (Stop Motion)

As I’ve mentioned before, Nirvana’s seminal record Nevermind has turned 20 years old. By today’s standards, that’s pretty old school and considering that Nirvana has long been defunct, it’s interesting how kids today sport Nirvana/Cobain shirts (I’m guilty as charged).

Anyway, I retweeted a link to an entry by the BBC blog, entitled 20 Years of Nevermind: Why Nirvana’s Classic Still Appeals. Hours after that, a stranger tweeted me, promoting his stop motion video of Nirvana’s “Rape Me” performance on MTV Live & Loud. Lucky for him, I was interested. It features Cobain (you won’t exactly see his facial details here), looking much shorter than Novoselic who moves around onstage and Grohl pummeling his set. Though it has much to improve regarding the nuances and lighting (it’s a bit too dark, but I assume that it’s there for effect), it’s interesting to see.


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