Behold, Adele

‘Someone Like You’ is the last one on the record. When I was writing it, I was pretty miserable and pretty lonely, which kind of contradicts ‘Rolling in the Deep,’ where I was like ‘I’m gonna be fine without you.’ This one was me kind of on my knees, really.

The entire record [which is about this certain relationship] is summed up in ‘Someone Like You’ – [the relationship] changed me in a really good way. It really made me who I am at the moment.

I’m sure there’ll be another relationship – well, I hope so anyway – that I hope will change me and define me as well. But I can imagine being about 40 and looking for him again – and turning up and he’s settled; he’s got a beautiful wife and beautiful kids and he’s completely happy and I’m still on my own – and [‘Someone Like You’] is kind of about that.

(Disclaimer: this photo is not mine)


I don’t know much about Adele. I mean sure, I’ve read about her in the magazine, listened through her singles and records. (Who doesn’t know “Chasing Pavements” or “Rolling in the Deep,” anyway? Don’t be a smart-ass.) But I do know – as everyone else knows – that her voice can deeply console you, lift you up and tear you apart all at once.

I don’t know much about Adele, but I know that she doesn’t need her looks to get her music across. But don’t get me wrong – her naturally regal looks are set to stun.

I don’t know much about Adele, but I know that she wears her heart on her songs which consequently, are flung onto the sleeves of those who can undeniably relate to her poetry and melody. To be honest, I was hardly moved by the music video of “Someone Like You” even if I thought that a black-and-white scheme suits her snugly. However, when I saw this video of the lady (because “lady” is the word closest to worthy when referring to her) singing the song live in her home, I just had to stop, stare and most of all, listen. I suggest you do the same.

I don’t know much about Adele, but I know she’s got her fists clenched and her eyes closed. I don’t know much about Adele, but I know that she’s baring her innermost feelings during that moment, within the walls of her home but before the eyes of the world. Nobody’s there, but everyone’s watching.

I don’t know much about Adele, but I know that her brand of pop artist is the sort women should idealize today. Away with the skimpy outfits and party-beer-sex themes. Seriously, we’ve all had enough of that. Well fine, there’s Katy Perry. But that’s another story altogether.

I end here because my words are forever inadequate. Behold, the lady.


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