Live Music

I attended two consecutive gigs this week. It’s a relief because it’s been a while since I actually attended one to watch. I’ve been caught up with a number of things in my life, that I sort of deserted this activity, which I used to frequently do. I saw Runmanila and Gracenote perform at 70s Bistro on the first night. It was the first time I saw the former gig using their new set-up (synthesizers for each instrumentalist and a live autotune for Kevin Lim). As for the latter, it was the first time for me to watch them play live at all. Gracenote opened their set with a cover and proceeded to perform their songs from their upcoming album. Interesting stuff. They also played the Walk Off the Earth version of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know.” Yes, they all played on one acoustic guitar. I also got to meet the band at the end of the gig – made new friends in the music scene. Hopefully we get to perform together in the future.

The following evening, I was in Route 196, attending a gig that featured She’s Ony Sixteen, Nanay Mo, Mayonnaise, The Oemons, The Itchyworms and Tonight We Sleep. She’s Only Sixteen was the first band I got to see because I arrived just in time for their set. Frankly, I was just about blown away by their songs and performance. They sound great live and I’m looking forward to having a copy of their album. Also, look out for their music video launch. It’s happening sometime this month or next. They, along with rock n’ roll band Nanay Mo are fated to make the local guitar band scene exciting again.

All in all, both musical nights were worth my while because I spent them with friends, who are music lovers as well. I had fun especially on the second night because I got to spend time with some old chaps (yes, chaps) from The Ateneo Musicians’ Pool and former University Rock crew. It was really refreshing to see familiar faces in a familiar setting. Also, the idea that I’m part of this new generation of Filipino musicians gives me goosebumps from time to time. Until the next gig!


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